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This selection of Caller ID software for operating systems other than Windows accompanies my Caller ID FAQ at If you have come here via an external link or a search engine, I recommend that you have a look at the FAQ first before looking at software. This programs on this page all display Caller ID, but vary in their other capabilites. For Windows programs, see the links at the bottom of the page. This page is still under construction, but I recommend you go on to, especially if you're an Amiga or OS/2 user. I particularly welcome suggestions for programs for this page, as I have no way of testing them, other than Mac apps.

Somewhere someone will have developed a way of connecting your computer to a phone line, but you may have to hunt a while to find it....

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Caller Display 2
Vendor : Octopus Systems
Website :
Download :
Price : £39
Screenshot :  (and elsewhere on the home page)
Callscape-like system that works with Pace modems or their own hardware. Integrates the Oftel geographical data onto a map, can link to text-to-speech programs and PIMs.  Looks very nice - one of the best programs on any platform. There is a Windows version available for £75 (including hardware), but they don't have much about that on their website.


Vendor : Sean Riddle
Website :
Download :
Price : Free???
Screenshot :
Call logger with name lookup and the ability to run scripts; supports USR Sportster and SupraFAX Modems.

Vendor : "Jet"
Website :
Download :
If that doesn't work, try and search for CIM. Searching for Call will also turn up a few programs of interest.
Price : US$ 20
Seems a fairly basic call logger - the registered version can launch programs etc.

I will get round to adding more Amiga programs......


I know next to nothing about Cobol, but I saw a newsgroup post that mentioned software from a company called CT Integration, or talking directly to the ports "using  normal COBOL file handling syntax, or via the CBL_OPEN_FILE, CBL_READ_FILE calls."

The Java Telephony API (JTAPI) has been under development since late 1996, and I've not seen any programs that use it.  To quote from the JTAPI homepage at "JTAPI 1.3 EA is a transitional specification, meant to prepare for a number of significant improvements in the JTAPI 2.0 specification, which will follow later this calendar year (1999.)"
I'd keep an eye on this page for any news on this front.

Mac  has a useful list of which Mac modems do and don't support Caller ID - the iMac and blue G3 'Yosemite' internal modems are notable members of the latter category.

Chronos Consultant
Vendor : Chronos Software
Website :
Download v2.24 :
Price : US$40
Platform : 68000 and PPC versions
Looks a fairly standard PIM, will have Palm synchronisation soon. It got a good review from Fortune magazine.

Eudora Planner
See PIM page - the Mac version is in perpetual beta, so is free if you can find it <g>.

Hotfax has a version for Macs.

Mac CallerID
Vendor : Lee Cohen
Website :
Download :
Price : US$20 or US$30 for a pager-enabled version
Looks a well featured program, but no OSX version yet.

Vendor : The MegaPhone Company (formerly Bing Software, formerly Cypress Research Corporation)
Website :
Price : US$80 - v9 is in beta
Looks a nice telephony program with lots of nice automatic bits and integration with Filemaker or Touchbase Pro-based PIMs. Bing also do a Mac telephony development tool, PhonePro. An OSX version is promised soon - they've already succumbed to the lure of Windows though.....

PageFwd (formerly Mac Pager)
Vendor : CID Technologies, Inc.
Website :
Telephony software that has some Caller ID capabilities. It is currently in limbo.

Phone Watcher
Vendor : Mark/Space Softworks
Website :
Price : US$60
Used to be a very good complete telephony program, although maybe too US-orientated for this side of the pond - it tried to translate US area codes for instance. It claimed PalmOS integration, but eventually turned into a PalmOS product (!), and no longer appears to be available for Mac.

Vendor : Quicomm
Website :
Download v1.04 :
Price : US$75
PIM/telephony program that makes great play of how simple it is to use, and how well it integrates with every other aspect of your life.  It seems quite expensive though.

Vendor : Big Island Communication
Website :
Price : software is free?? but US$120 when packaged with Call Tracker hardware.
Silly name, but the award-winning software looks good, even if it doesn't have all the flashy features of some programs. Well worth looking at, although there's some quesiton about its reliability. Integrates with Now Contact, Now Touchbase, ACT!, FileMaker Pro and others.  I assume the hardware is Bellcore based - they are now introducing ISDN products. There is also a version for Windows 95/NT.
It seems that Big Island are no more, and I couldn't find any further reference to Yoyoland.


Intellect and Capitel have versions for OS/2, and I've seen references to "Caller ID v1.3". Sam Detweiler's homepage is probably the best place to go for OS/2 telephony.

Vendor : Sam Detweiler
Website :
Download :
Price : Freeware
OS/2 telephony program - voicemail, faxback, pager support and Caller ID.


Vendor :, ltd
Website :
Download v1.03 :
Price : Released under the Mozilla license.
This seems a fairly basic program, although have more sophisticated versions in beta.  The most unusual feature is that CID was written in Python, a Java-like language available for everything from Amigas to Psions; see for more details.


Vendor : Jay Curry
Website :
Download v1.1 :
Price : free
"A caller ID script that optionally will page the user." Uses a OS/2-only DLL.
For more information about the REXX language, see the FAQ. It seems to be most used by OS/2ers and Amigas.


caller id.
Author : Jamie Zawinski
Website :
From one of the original Netscape developers - should work OK.

Author : Gert Doering
Website : will have the latest version but the website's not actively maintained
This comms package, found in many distributions, apparently handles Caller ID well, and can respond differently to particular numbers.

Author : Hermann Björk
Website : was at
This program doesn't have a GUI yet, but might be worth checking out. It requires you to build some hardware based on the Mitel MT8870 chip for decoding DTMF-style Caller ID.

Website :
Voxilla is a site that is trying to coordinate the development of a complete suite of telephone tools for Linux.  It's fairly early days at the moment, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Author : Joe Yandle
Website :
Download :
Price : distributed under the GPL
Fairly basic popup program, which can also play voice files. Unfortunately it looks like Joe has graduated, and I've not been able to find a new homepage - anyone??  However, xcallerid is available on many ftp servers, although many only have version 1.

For information about all things Linux in this field, keep an eye on - it has information on drivers, toolkits and new programs. Again, it's not complete yet, but it looks like it will be the definitive site for Linux CTI.

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