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Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship

by George Stewart (1881)

Rod Neep's Archive CD Books Project sells facsimiles of old books on CD-ROM. I have made the following limited index to the Curiosities of Glasgow Citizenship - it is of interest to anyone with Glasgow trader ancestors in the 1700s.
See Rod Neep's site for more information or to order the CD, or see other books I have indexed.


Buchanans of Drumpellier & Mount Vernon - The Glasgow Virginia Merchants
Charles Tennant of St Rollox; The Macraes of Ayrshire - Bleaching Industry and Chemical Manufacture
David Dale of Rosebank- Rise of the Cotton Industry
George Macintosh of Dunchattan - Discovery and Manufacture of Cudbear, Turkey-red dyeing
James Monteith of Anderston - Early Weaving Industry
Stirlings of Cordale & Dalquhurn - Calico Printing & Dyeing, the Monkland Canal
Henry Riddell - Progress and Extension of the New Town, Building of New Square etc.
John Coats Campbell of Clathic - The Thistle Bank, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Great Commercial Depression
John Robertson of Plantation - Early Iron Trade, Glasgow Banking

Magistrates and Merchants of Greenock
Archibald Campbell
John Dunlop
William Fullarton
James Gammell
John Hamilton
William Hamilton
John Kippen
Hugh Moody
Walter Ritchie
James Scott
Roger Stewart
Gabriel Wood
Short Biographies
Alexander Allan
Richard Allan
John Alston
George Anderson
Allan Arthur
Dugald Bannatyne
Humphrey Barbour
James Black
George Bogle
John Bogle
Robert Bogle
William Bogle
John Bowman
Alexander Brown
George Brown
James Brown
John Brown
John Buchanan
Robert, George & Andrew Buchanan
Thomas Buchanan
John Campbell Sr & Jr
Robert Carrick
William Coats
Richard Collins
Patrick Colquhoun
Thomas Connell
Cunningham Corbett
Robert Cowan
William Craig
George Crawford
Thomas Crawford
William Cunninghame
James Dennistoun
Robert Dinwiddie
Thomas Donald
John Dunlop
Robert Dunlop x2
Robert Dunmore
Robert Euing
Walter Ewing
Robert Findlay
James Finlay
John Freeland
George Scott Freeland
William French
William Gillespie
John Glassford
Alexander Gordon
James Gordon
John Gordon
Archibald Graham
Walter Graham
Short biogs (cont)
Gilbert Hamilton
John Hamilton
Henry Hardie
Archibald Henderson
James Hopkirk
Andrew & Robert Houston
William Ingram
George Kippen
John Laurie
John Leitch
Alexander Low
Alexander McAlpine
Donald MacBrayne
James McCall
Alexander McCaul
James McDowall
James McGregor
James Macilwham
Robert Mackay
Robert McNair
Richard Marshall
John Maxwell
Peter Murdoch
Walter Neilson
John Orr
James Oswald
Mathew Perston
George Provan
John Riddell
William Risk
Alexander Ritchie
James & William Robertson
David Russell
James & Joseph Scott
John Semple
Thomas Shedden
William Shortridge
Archibald Smith
William Smith
James Somervill
Peter Spiers
Thomas Stewart
Walter Stirling
John Tennent
Andrew Thomson
Robert Thomson
David Todd
William Wardlaw
James Wardrop
David Watson
William Whyt
John Young
Magistrates and Merchants of Paisley
John Bell
Andrew Brown
John Christie
Robert Corse
Robert Hunter
Gavin Maxwell
John McKerrell
John Orr
William Orr
James Paisley
William Stuart
William Wallace
James Wilson
John Wilson
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