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This FAQ aims to tell you all you need to know about Caller ID - how it works, the best phones to use, how to retrieve it on your computer and independent reviews of dozens of Caller ID programs.

When I first bought a Caller ID-capable modem, I was helped enormously by uk.telecom; from posts there I assembled the first draft of this FAQ, and it grew from there. www.calleridfaq.com will get you here, but http://www.ainslie.org.uk/callerid.htm is the main URL of this page. Please mail This is not a clickable link, you'll have to type caller_id 'at' this domain into your email client if you have any new information or corrections to tell me about; thanks to those who've mailed me so far. The last few years have been somewhat hectic, but I have started the long slow job of updating the FAQ, so keep the emails coming!

I suggest you start with the general Caller ID FAQ (v3.00 10/Feb/04 - 50K) I will get round to creating specific pages devoted to the various flavours of Caller ID at some point, and indeed adding all the various extra information I have sitting in files on my PC - I just need to find the time!!!